Episode 28- Goodbye New York, Hello Bret Pfister (circus artist and director)

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On Episode 28, Josh and Lyndsay recount the closing SLUMBER in Brooklyn, what's next for the show, and interview circus artist and director, Bret Pfister. We talk with Bret about his career as an aerialist and comedian, experience directing, and some surprising and unusual things about the circus industry. If you enjoy the episode, please rate us on iTunes and have a great week!

  • [08:28] Bret's introduction to the Vermont circus scene
  • [16:00] Studying at the National Circus School in Montreal
  • [23:45] Moving to Europe
  • [30:03] Joining the cast of La Soirree
  • [37:37] Bret starts talking on stage
  • [46:30] On directing circus shows at Codarts
  • [52:43] Gender norms in circus
  • [59:10] Bret on tattoos

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