Episode 32- Lorenzo Pisoni, circus performer and actor

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On this week's episode Josh and Lyndsay sit down with actor, clown, and acrobat Lorenzo Pisoni. Lorenzo's had an incredible performing career starting at age two with the Pickle Family Circus and which includes starring roles in Cirque Du Soleil, on Broadway, and everything in between. Josh and Lyndsay also talk about dramaturgical writing in circus, their new 360 VR circus video with Adam Kuchler, and their Kickstarter campaign. If you enjoy the episode please rate us on iTunes and share it with your mom!

  • [12:15] Growing up with Pickle Family Circus
  • [22:00] Lorenzo goes to college
  • [26:13] Joining the cast of Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere
  • [36:01] Lorezno on taking up acting
  • [43:33] Creating physical comedy for the play "The Explorers' Club"
  • [48:35 ] Differences performing in plays versus circuses
  • [1:03:01] Lorenzo's documentary Circus Kid

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