Episode 1 - Josh & Lyndsay Launch a Podcast!

We're launching a podcast! Over the coming weeks we'll be talking with artists and entrepreneurs working in circus, theater, dance, and virtual reality. On today's episode, Lyndsay and I chat about HIDEAWAY, Beyonce, and powerful women in circus. If you like it, share with your friends and please rate us on iTunes! Stay tuned!


  • [00:10]  Why did we decide to start a podcast?
  • [02:00] Beyonce’s new album Lemonade
  • [02:58] Revolt She Said, Revolt Again at Soho Rep
  • [05:02] Women in circus
  • [07:15] Circus as a family business
  • [08:13] Upcoming guests


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Episode 2 - Josh & Lyndsay on disrupting circus, artist collectives, and diverse casting