Episode 2 - Josh & Lyndsay on disrupting circus, artist collectives, and diverse casting

On today’s show, we talk about the ‪#‎StartUpColumbia‬ Entrepreneurship Festival and what it takes to disrupt circus and theater. We discuss the pros and cons of circus and playwright collectives as well as the state of multi-racial casting in new productions. We'll wrap up with a chat about the new way of watching circus and theater on Youtube and Instagram. Let us know your thoughts and please subscribe and rate us on iTunes!

    •    [00:15] #StartUp Columbia Entrepreneurship Festival
    •    [01:30] Can circus be disrupted?
    •    [03:45] The future of Ringling and Barnum & Bailey
    •    [04:43] What do the words Circus and Broadway conjure?
    •    [08:19] Circus and Playwright Collectives
    •    [14:36] Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Kimono She Didn’t
    •    [15:14] Multi-racial Casting
    •    [18:52] Circus on Instagram and Musicals on Youtube

Links Mentioned:

Ringling Trailer
CirqueUS GoFundMe 

[20:45] Dear Even Hanson by Benj Paseck and Justin Paul at Second Stage Theater.

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