Episode 4- Why Circus in America is thriving with Circus Now’s managing director Adam Woolley

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On today’s episode we sit down with Adam Woolley, the managing director of Circus Now. We chat about the organization and it’s circus advocacy programs, the state of social and recreational circus in America, and what needs to be done in order to increase visibility and accessibility to the art form. If you enjoy the show, please share it with your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and rate us on iTunes! 

    •    [03:30] What is Circus Now?
    •    [10:20] Circus Now Artist Residencies
    •    [11:04] The 2017 Smithsonian Circus Festival
    •    [15:27] Defining the term circus
    •    [17:56] The booming recreational and social circus scene
    •    [20:35] The populism of circus
    •    [22:10] Storytelling through circus
    •    [26:24] How do we increase accessibility to shows?

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