Episode 5- Sellam Ouahabi, a remarkable life in the circus

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Sellam Ouahabi is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating circus performers and coaches today. On this episode, Josh and Lyndsay sat down Sellam and spoke about his childhood growing up in Africa, how he ran away with a circus as a teenager, his experiences with racism on and off stage, and what it takes to for a circus student to find the right coach for them. If you enjoy our podcast, please share it with your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and rate us on iTunes!

• [02:18] Sellam recounts the circus in Tangier, Morocco
• [05:58] Sellam’s first job at 9-years-old
• [09:34] Sneaking into the King’s gymnasium
• [15:55] 13-year-old Sellam joins the circus
• [22:09] Life with in a acrobatic troupe
• [23:30] Racism in the circus
• [27:45] Sellam creates solo acts
• [30:02] Handling prejudice in Italian circus
• [37:34] Sellam starts coaching
• [43:31] Quiting the circus but can’t stay away
• [48:35] A philosophy of coaching
• [53:40] Combining contemporary and traditional circus
• [56:31] Sellam on opening his own coaching studio

Links Mentioned:
Sellam’s website The Simple Circus

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