Episode 3- Anya and Kae: Founders of The House of Yes

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On today’s episode we talk with the founders of the House Of Yes, Kae Burke and Anya Sapzhnikova. We ask them about their life long collaborative process designing costumes, creating circus acts, and managing a hybrid nightlife performance venue. Anya and Kae offered great insights into saying yes to opportunity and hustling to make art. We think you’ll really enjoy the episode. If you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and rate us on iTunes!

    •    [01:52] Anna (Anya) and Kathy (Kae) meet
    •    [07:02] Learning to stilt walk
    •    [08:43] Getting into the party scene
    •    [11:45] The first House of Yes burns down!
    •    [14:39] Origin of the name House of Yes
    •    [16:34] Bouncing back with second House of Yes
    •    [20:25] Getting kicked out
    •    [19:50] Building new House of Yes and it’s bathrooms
    •    [27:30] Positive Nightclubbing Party Shamans
    •    [29:00] Little Cinema and making content in 24 hours
    •    [30:53] What’s next for The House of Yes?

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