Episode 7- Gypsy Snider, co-founder of The 7 Fingers (Part 2)

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Josh and Lyndsay sit down with co-founder of Les 7 Doigts for part 2 of their interview with Gypsy Snider. In this episode, we talk about casting, act creation, circus school, and Gypsy’s upcoming production of Reversible. If you enjoy the show, please consider liking us and sharing it on Facebook or rating the podcast on iTunes. Enjoy!

• [04:53] - Gypsy on casting circus performers
• [08:00] - The difference for female circus performers
• [09:53] - Creating in Canada vs United States
• [16:15]  - Gypsy on being a mom
• [25:40] - The challenge with circus education
• [29:05] - Circus act composition
• [36:03] - Gypsy’s new show Reversible
• [40:47] - Gypsy’s recommendations

People mentioned for further reference:

Les 7 doigts, Ecole Nationale de Cirque, Queen of the Night, Olga Kosova, The Cruz Brothers, Lu Yi, Paramour, Pippin, Shana Carroll.

Gypsy’s Recommendations:

Book: The Artist’s Way - Julia Cameron
Movie: Singing in The Rain
Show: L’Immediat

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