Episode 9- Chris Lueck & Amanda Pekoe, circus and theater marketing gurus

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Josh and Lyndsay sit down with power couple Chris Lueck and Amanda Pekoe to talk about the Tonys, their careers in show business, and how to market and promote circus and theatre shows. We had a great a time chatting with these two and we think you’ll enjoy it too. If you do, please share the podcast with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can send your questions and guest suggestions to hello@hideawaycircus.com. Thanks!

    •    [05:28] - The Tony Awards and Shuffle Along
    •    [08:40] - How to do a Tony campaign
    •    [14:16] - How the Pekoe Group got started
    •    [16:51] - Old school social media marketing
    •    [19:40] - Chris & Amanda fall in love
    •    [23:38] - Chris & Amanda join the circus
    •    [30:01] - The Downtown Clown Revue
    •    [39:40] - Chris’s Clown Side Businesses
    •    [41:20] - Transitioning out of a performing career
    •    [45:02] - Chris & Amanda’s rituals    
    •    [47:26] - Practical advice for marketing circus shows
    •    [52:47] - Chris and Amanda’s Recommendations

People mentioned for further reference:
Shuffle Along, Scott Rudin, Savion Glover, George C. Wolf, Eclipsed, The Pekoe Group, Shot Gun Players, Rock of Ages, Dave Malloy, Joel Jeske, Slava Snow Show, Downtown Clown Revue

Chris & Amanda’s Recommendations:

Book: Walking Through Walls
Movie: Slapstick Dojo
Show: The Color Purple

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