Episode 10- Paul Binder, founder of the Big Apple Circus

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Paul Binder, the founder of the Big Apple Circus, joins Josh and Lyndsay to talk about his career, the state of Big Apple’s fundraising efforts, and what makes a good circus act. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Paul, if you do please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or over email. You can send us your comments and guest suggestions to hello@hideawaycircus.com.

    •    [05:39] - Did you know Paul Binder can sing?
    •    [06:26] - Paul discovers the show business bug
    •    [09:23] - Paul works on Broadway
    •    [10:18] - Paul heads to Europe and starts street performing
    •    [17:10] - Pauls returns to the US to start a circus
    •    [18:45] - Why Big Apple Circus is a not-for-profit organization
    •    [25:02] - Big Apple Circus’s current fundraising effort    
    •    [39:25] - Keeping the Big Apple Circus productions fresh
    •    [45:55] - Paul on collaborative process
    •    [49:04] - Paul on judging circus acts in festivals

Paul’s Recommendations:

Book: Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion
Movie: Finding Dory

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