Episode 8- Rob Mermin, founder of Circus Smirkus

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On this episode we call up the extraordinary Rob Mermin. Rob trained in classical mime with Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau, performed as a clown in various European before founding the award-winning international company Circus Smirkus. If you enjoy the episode please share it with your friends! You can also email us comments and questions to hello@hideawaycircus.com

    •    [06:02] - Rob’s first interaction with circus
    •    [08:05] - A hitchhiking trip leads to Rob’s first job
    •    [16:29] - Rob sets a 20 year goal
    •    [18:43] - Marcel Marceau and learning how to mime
    •    [24:10] - Rob on creating circus acts
    •    [29:54] - Instilling a culture of circus
    •    [32:02] - Rob’s parent’s react to his starting a circus
    •    [37:49] - Why start a circus in Vermont?
    •    [42:36] - Rob questions his dream of starting a circus
    •    [44:37] - Rob’s stint as the dean of Ringling’s clown college
    •    [56:34] - Rob recommendations


People mentioned for further reference:
Circus Hoffman, Marcel Marceau, Francesco Caroli, Joe Jackson Jr, George Carl, Oleg Popov, Circus Benneweis, Circus Smirkus, Etienne Decroux

Rob’s Recommendations:

Book: Circus Smirkus a True Story of High Adventure & Low Comedy
Movie: The Circus (Charlie Chaplin)
Show: Circus Smirkus

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