Episode 13- Katharine Kavanagh, circus critic and journalist

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Josh and Lyndsay phone up Katherine Kavanagh, circus critic and journalist at the Circus Diaries. Based primarily in the UK, Katherine has spent the last few weeks in the US researching American circus companies and culture. We talk about contemporary circus, how to write about it, and trends in the industry. If you enjoy the episode please rate us on iTunes and share it with your friends and community. Have a great week!

• [06:42] - Kathrine gets a UK government grant to visit the US
• [08:35] - What’s the Circus Diaries?
• [10:30] - The challenges of writing about circus
• [15:46] - Why do we need circus criticism to exist

Katherine’s Recommendations:

Book: Semiotics of the Circus
Show: Circumfrence’s Shelter Me
Show: Crash Mat Collective’s Facade

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