Episode 17- Jimmy Slonina, Cirque Du Soleil clown and actor

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On this week’s episode, Josh and Lyndsay sit down with the hilarious Jimmy Slonina. It would be hard not to envy Jimmy’s career as clown and actor, he’s worked on four different Cirque Du Soleil shows, toured the world with the rockstar P!NK, and originated clown characters for the Las Vegas water show, Le Reve. If you enjoyed this week’s episode with Jimmy, please rate us on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends! Have a great week!

    •    [04:22] Jimmy’s falls in love with theatre
    •    [12:00] Jimmy on studying acting in high school and college
    •    [17:15] Becoming a clown in Chicago
    •    [22:02] The Le Reve Creation
    •    [33:49] Kooza and different styles of clowning
    •    [38:42]    The story behind Jimmy’s Lip-sync Videos
    •    [42:30] Clowning in a rock show with P!NK
    •    [51:16] Whats next for Jimmy?
    •    [53:46] Advice for aspiring clowns and actors

People Mentioned:
Robin McFarquhar
Jeff & Julie Jenkins
Voki Kalfayan
Franco Dragone

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