Episode 12- Jack Marsh, artistic director of Circus Flora

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Jack Marsh, the artistic director of Circus Flora, joins Josh & Lyndsay by phone. We had a great a time talking with Jack about Circus’s Flora’s current season and what it’s like to collaborate with your parents. If you enjoy the show, please share it with your friends and rate us on iTunes. You can send your questions and guest suggestions to hello@hideawaycircus.com. Have a great week!

    •    [02:55] - The history of Circus Flora
    •    [06:35] - Jack joins the circus at age one
    •    [09:03] - Running away from the circus to become a lawyer
    •    [12:56] - Circus Flora plays baseball
    •    [19:54] - Writing a circus show with your parent
    •    [23:41] - Communicating your NFP Circus needs public support
    •    [25:21] - Jack’s artistic influences

People mentioned for further reference:
Circus Flora, St. Louis Arches, Circus Harmony, Big Apple Circus, Circus Vargas, Circus Sarasota, Shayna Swanson, Aloft

Jack’s Recommendations:

Book: The Sell Out
TV Show: Broad City
Show: Universoul Circus

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