Episode 22- SLUMBER rehearsals and an interview with Joe Pinzon, circus performer and director

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On this week’s episode, Josh and Lyndsay talk about the rehearsal process for their new circus and dance show SLUMBER, and interview circus performer and director, Joe Pinzon. Joe’s performed with numerous companies including Cirque Du Soleil, 7 Doigts, and Cirque Eloise and has now recently directed his own show, Filament. If you enjoy episode, please rate the show on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends. Have a great week!

• [12:11] On growing up in Los Angeles

• [17:01] Joe goes to circus school

• [22:40] Beginning a performing career

• [28:35] Joe’s latest creation, Filament

• [45:40] A mutual love of RuPaul

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