Episode 34- A new show from Hideaway Circus and an interview with Sebastian Kann, circus dramaturg

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On this week's episode Josh and Lyndsay reveal their next show... hint hint it has to do with partying. They also sit down with one of Josh's closest friends, Sebastian Kann who is a writer, aerialist, and circus dramaturg currently studying in Holland. They chat about Sebastian's thesis on circus composition and movement as well as some of the conversations had about contemporary circus in academic environments. Josh and Lyndsay also chat about Atlantic Theater Company's latest show and new books they're reading. If you like the episode, please share it with your friends and rate us on iTunes. Have a great week!

  • [09:50] Sebastian and Josh meet as kids
  • [13:07] Sebastian on Smirkus and ENC
  • [24:10] Moving to Europe and getting injured
  • [32:15] Graduate school for circus dramaturgy
  • [36:44] Sebstian's first thesis and early lectures
  • [42:25] The relevance of story within circus

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