Episode 33- Adam Kuchler, juggler and clown

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Happy 2017! On this week's podcast, Josh and Lyndsay sit down for an interview with the renowned juggler and clown Adam Kuchler. They talk about growing up in Wisconsin, joining the road with Ringling, working with Les Sept Doigts, act creation, and virtual reality. Also on this episode, Josh and Lyndsay talk about their successful Kickstarter campaign, Ottavio Gesmundo's new book "The Grand Gypsy," and about the shows they've seen recently. If you enjoy the podcast please share it with your friends and rate us on iTunes. Have a good week!

  • [09:58] Growing up in Wisconsin
  • [13:10] On the road with Circus Smirkus
  • [22:48] Adam's time with Ringling and Barnum & Bailey
  • [43:25] Audition for Les Sept Doigt's 'La Vie'
  • [52:57] Dream job with Circus Flora
  • [57:01] Creating virtual reality circus experiences

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