Episode 49 - Amy Saunders aka Miss Behave, of the Miss Behave Game Show!

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On this week's episode Josh and Lyndsay chat about an amazing new dance piece from Justin Peck and the NYC Ballet, the magic show In & Of Itself, and Hideaway's recent performance at the Future of Storytelling Festival. They also call up the hilarious Amy Saunders to talk about her career as a comedian and sword swallower as well as her new show in Las Vegas, The Miss Behave Game Show. If you enjoy today's episode, please rate us on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends. Have a great week!

  • [13:10] Coming of age in London and the nightclub scene
  • [17:03] Learning how to swallow swords (or rulers)
  • [24:52] Amy set's world records on TV
  • [30:48] Going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time
  • [33:33] Amy on doing street shows
  • [39:31] The formation of La Clique (also known as La Soirree)
  • [47:47] The story of Miss Behave Game Show and what it's all about!

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