Episode 42- Tony Award and Olivier Award Winning: The Play That Goes Wrong with Rob Falconer and Greg Tannahill

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On this week's episode, Josh and Lyndsay talk about a new show from Cirkus Cirkor, new regulations about exotic animals in NYC, and sit down for an interview with Rob Falconer and Greg Tannahill, cast members in the Tony Award winning show The Play That Goes Wrong. They talk about the creation and running of the Broadway show, devising comedy work with an ensemble, how it played it different countries, and much, much more. If you enjoy today's episode, please rate us on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends!

  • [14:35] What is the Play That Goes Wrong?
  • [23:36] The creation the show
  • [29:35] The growth of Mischief Theater company
  • [34:48] Difference between Broadway and the West End
  • [44:35] Designing the set of the Play That Goes Wrong
  • [52:13] The future of the production

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