Episode 45 - Nat Brown, circus tent expert and Smirkus tent boss

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On this week's episode, Josh and Lyndsay talk about the 30th anniversary tour of Circus Smirkus, their Las Vegas show the Miss Behave Game Show, and the latest news on their virtual reality circus experience. They also sit down for an interview with Nat Brown, the highly regarded circus tent expert who's worked with Circus Smirkus, Big Apple Circus, Cirque Du Soleil, Cavalia, and many more. If you've ever been curious about how tents are set up and made, then this episode is for you. If you enjoy today's show please share it with your friends and rate us on iTunes. Have a great week!

  • [14:28] Nat's start with Smirkus's tent crew
  • [18:15] How do circus tents gets raised? And who does it?
  • [23:20] The differences between raising a small tent vs a large tent like Cirque Du Soleil
  • [27:21] Repairing broken tents and Nat's favorite 'horror' story
  • [32:40] Who makes the best tents?
  • [36:12] Nat's beautiful new tent, Charlotte
  • [42:05] How to run away with tent crew

Nat's crewing company: crewthat.com

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