Episode 6- Gypsy Snider, circus director and hand-to-hand base (Part 1)

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On today's episode, Lyndsay and Josh talk with circus director and auteur Gypsy Snider. We covered so many topics with Gypsy so we've divided her interview into two parts. In this episode we talk about growing up in the circus, circus school in Europe, her first encounter with Cirque Du Soleil, and how failure and negativity can drive your art. Episode 6, Part 2 will be released later this week.  If you like the podcast please share it with your friends on Facebook and rate us on iTunes. You can also email questions and comments at hello@hideawaycircus.com. Enjoy!

    •    [01:48] - Childhood in the Pickle Family Circus
    •    [11:48]  - Rejection from a French circus school
    •    [13:08]  - Gypsy moves to England
    •    [14:22]  - Switzerland and the Dmitri School
    •    [15:55]  - Gypsy on Failure, Negativity, and Improvising
    •    [25:48] - Did Gypsy think of Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion first?
    •    [29:38] - Gypsy’s first interaction with Cirque Du Soleil and German Cabaret
    •    [37:38] - Gypsy joins Saltimbanco

People mentioned for further reference:

Kris Kremo, Eric Bates, David Dmitri, Big Apple Circus, Paul Binder, Guy Laliberte, Pomp Duck and Circumstance, Serenity and Bill Forchion, Elsie Smith, New England Center for Circus Arts, Vertical Tango, Seb and Mimi’s hand to hand act, Shana Carrol, Gilles St Croix, Lu Yi.

Episode 5- Sellam Ouahabi, a remarkable life in the circus

Sellam Ouahabi is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating circus performers and coaches today. On this episode, Josh and Lyndsay sat down Sellam and spoke about his childhood growing up in Africa, how he ran away with a circus as a teenager, his experiences with racism on and off stage, and what it takes to for a circus student to find the right coach for them. If you enjoy our podcast, please share it with your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and rate us on iTunes!

• [02:18] Sellam recounts the circus in Tangier, Morocco
• [05:58] Sellam’s first job at 9-years-old
• [09:34] Sneaking into the King’s gymnasium
• [15:55] 13-year-old Sellam joins the circus
• [22:09] Life with in a acrobatic troupe
• [23:30] Racism in the circus
• [27:45] Sellam creates solo acts
• [30:02] Handling prejudice in Italian circus
• [37:34] Sellam starts coaching
• [43:31] Quiting the circus but can’t stay away
• [48:35] A philosophy of coaching
• [53:40] Combining contemporary and traditional circus
• [56:31] Sellam on opening his own coaching studio

Links Mentioned:
Sellam’s website The Simple Circus

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Episode 4- Why Circus in America is thriving with Circus Now’s managing director Adam Woolley

On today’s episode we sit down with Adam Woolley, the managing director of Circus Now. We chat about the organization and it’s circus advocacy programs, the state of social and recreational circus in America, and what needs to be done in order to increase visibility and accessibility to the art form. If you enjoy the show, please share it with your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and rate us on iTunes! 

    •    [03:30] What is Circus Now?
    •    [10:20] Circus Now Artist Residencies
    •    [11:04] The 2017 Smithsonian Circus Festival
    •    [15:27] Defining the term circus
    •    [17:56] The booming recreational and social circus scene
    •    [20:35] The populism of circus
    •    [22:10] Storytelling through circus
    •    [26:24] How do we increase accessibility to shows?

Links Mentioned:

Circus Now Website

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Episode 3- Anya and Kae: Founders of The House of Yes

On today’s episode we talk with the founders of the House Of Yes, Kae Burke and Anya Sapzhnikova. We ask them about their life long collaborative process designing costumes, creating circus acts, and managing a hybrid nightlife performance venue. Anya and Kae offered great insights into saying yes to opportunity and hustling to make art. We think you’ll really enjoy the episode. If you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and rate us on iTunes!

    •    [01:52] Anna (Anya) and Kathy (Kae) meet
    •    [07:02] Learning to stilt walk
    •    [08:43] Getting into the party scene
    •    [11:45] The first House of Yes burns down!
    •    [14:39] Origin of the name House of Yes
    •    [16:34] Bouncing back with second House of Yes
    •    [20:25] Getting kicked out
    •    [19:50] Building new House of Yes and it’s bathrooms
    •    [27:30] Positive Nightclubbing Party Shamans
    •    [29:00] Little Cinema and making content in 24 hours
    •    [30:53] What’s next for The House of Yes?

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Episode 2 - Josh & Lyndsay on disrupting circus, artist collectives, and multi-racial casting

On today’s show, we talk about the ‪#‎StartUpColumbia‬ Entrepreneurship Festival and what it takes to disrupt circus and theater. We discuss the pros and cons of circus and playwright collectives as well as the state of multi-racial casting in new productions. We'll wrap up with a chat about the new way of watching circus and theater on Youtube and Instagram. Let us know your thoughts and please subscribe and rate us on iTunes!

    •    [00:15] #StartUp Columbia Entrepreneurship Festival
    •    [01:30] Can circus be disrupted?
    •    [03:45] The future of Ringling and Barnum & Bailey
    •    [04:43] What do the words Circus and Broadway conjure?
    •    [08:19] Circus and Playwright Collectives
    •    [14:36] Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Kimono She Didn’t
    •    [15:14] Multi-racial Casting
    •    [18:52] Circus on Instagram and Musicals on Youtube

Links Mentioned:

Ringling Trailer
CirqueUS GoFundMe 

[20:45] Dear Even Hanson by Benj Paseck and Justin Paul at Second Stage Theater.

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Episode 1 - Josh & Lyndsay Launch a Podcast!

We're launching a podcast! Over the coming weeks we'll be talking with artists and entrepreneurs working in circus, theater, dance, and virtual reality. On today's episode, Lyndsay and I chat about HIDEAWAY, Beyonce, and powerful women in circus. If you like it, share with your friends and please rate us on iTunes! Stay tuned!


  • [00:10]  Why did we decide to start a podcast?
  • [02:00] Beyonce’s new album Lemonade
  • [02:58] Revolt She Said, Revolt Again at Soho Rep
  • [05:02] Women in circus
  • [07:15] Circus as a family business
  • [08:13] Upcoming guests


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